11's / 12's



Thank you for considering MW Power as your destination for the 2022 club season!  The thought and consideration we put into all of our programming is apparent in the way we formulate our teams, portray our core values, and showcase what we are all about.

We understand that youth sports are an investment of your time, money, and energy. We want every parent and player that walks through our doors to understand what we stand for.  

Fun facts about MW Power:

- We don't do any position specialization at the 12 and under age group. We believe that every athlete deserves the opportunity to learn and grow within every position. Teams / kids that specialize at a young age may be successful early on, but their development plateaus when it becomes most important.

- All of our teams reset at the beginning of every season. That means every kid (regardless of if you are a veteran or brand new) has an equal opportunity of being placed on any team. This encourages kids to want to improve throughout the off season. We don't promise positions on any teams as we believe things are always more meaningful when they are earned, not given.

- Want to learn more about MW Power and our philosophies?  Come join us at a parent meeting or open house where we will cover the above topics and much, much more!  We're confident after hearing what we're all about that you will want to join our team.  


At the 11-12s age group, all teams are formed the day of tryouts. Players will go through a series of skill stations and will be evaluated by the coaching staff. This helps us see a true picture of each players' strengths and weaknesses. We will use this information to place kids onto teams that will help challenge them as well as give them room to succeed and have fun! 

All rosters are emailed out 24-48 hours following the tryout!


Practices begin in early January and will conclude end of April. We will take one week off for spring break.

Mon / Wed from 4:30-6pm 

Schedule will be available early December. We do not believe in having kids at this age travel farther than 1 hour from St. Cloud.  We are flexible with kids missing due to other activities.

Will be discussed at parent meetings or email vcnebraska@gmail.com 


  • all tournament fees (8 play days)

  • apparel package (2 practice shirt / bag / jacket / 2 adidas jerseys)

  • two practices a week

  • all coaches' fees