MW Power will offer a new Fundamental Series 2x a week for each skill throughout the summer! Classes will consist of fundamental volleyball introduction (passing, serving, attacking, setting) as well as basic motor skill work, balance, coordination, and agility. Our main goal... fundamentals and fun!  MW Power Volleyball is dedicated to helping young athletes learn the game in a fun, safe, and positive environment!
Sessions are led by position specific experienced OMG coaches, college athletes, and high school players on our elite club teams program.

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Focus will be hand positioning, wrist work, proper footwork, and set location necessary to becoming a great setter


Focus includes hand contact, proper arm swing, approach work, transitioning, blocking, and footwork.

ServE/Serve Receiving

Focus includes passing movement, platform work, and different serving techniques


Focus includes proper posture, platform, reading the attacker, and reaction. Players will also cover emergency defensive moves (sprawl, pancake, side slide)