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Club Volleyball Frequently Asked Questions

 When should my child begin playing / learning the sport of volleyball?

Boys and girls may begin to play recreational volleyball as early as the age of 4 or 5.  However, this is absolutely a personal preference for each individual parent(s)/family.  At MW Power, we believe that young kids benefit from receiving correct training at a young age, but we do not push kids to make volleyball their only sport. We believe kids attain full athletic development when they participate in many sports that will challenge them mentally and physically in different ways.

How do I know what age group my son / daughter falls into?  

Locate your child's birthdate on the chart below to find out what age group they belong in.  

 Will my daughter be able to play every position?

When a coach asks a player, "which position do you play", most girls have an immediate response. But at MW Power, we believe no one should have a specific position, and that everyone should focus on being a complete volleyball athlete. Having every player train in every position is the most beneficial way to develop as a complete athlete. Especially at a young age, our players learn all positional skills and use them in training. As the girls progress in age, they will continue to learn and train every position, but their focus becomes more narrowed and details to their positional strength.

 Should my child be attending private lessons, group lessons, camps, clinics, etc?

 Camps and clinics throughout the year are a great way to get to know all of our coaches at MW Power as well get an inside look at how we train. We will not offer clinics and camps during the club season as we believe it is our job to provide the best training for the players in our club on a weekly basis.   

MW Power club player may take lessons from MWP coaches or others if the need is there. 

During the summer/fall months, we encourage girls to join our camps and clinics to continue to refresh their skills as well as interact with our coaching staff and other players.  

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